Capcom Cup 2014

Capcom Cup 2014

On December 13th, 2014, the Capcom Pro Tour reached its final stop in San Francisco, CA for Capcom Cup 2014.  16 of the best Ultra Street Fighter IV players from around the world came to the legendary Warfield.  Players from the United States, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, and Singapore all fought for a piece of $50,000.

There were many qualifiers around the world at many community grass roots events like majors and ESports competitions.  There were online qualifiers.  Some tournaments provided points for seeding and some offered automatic qualifiers.  Even the biggest tournament, Evolution Championship Series, became a qualifier.  Everyone wanted a piece of that Capcom money.

This tournament included a who’s who in the Street Fighter community.  The American contingency included EG Justin Wong, EG Ricky Ortiz, EG PR Balrog, Snake Eyez, and CRS | NuckleDu.  France brought us GL Valmaster and MD Luffy while the United Kingdom provided Dig | Ryan Hart.  South Korea had Infiltration while RZR Xian represented Singapore.  CNB ChuChu became the lone representative of Brazil and South America.  The heavy hitters from Japan included MCZ Daigo, EG Momochi, RZR Fuudo, Bonchan, and Nishiken.

The action was fierce and with all this talent bunched up together in one place, upsets were sure to happen such as EG Justin Wong and Snake Eyez both going 0-2 while MCZ Daigo was hit in his Achilles’ heel when he went up against RZR Xian’s counter pick in Dhalsim.

There were issues that could be easily fixed for the next edition though.  Although this event was to celebrate the success of Ultra Street Fighter IV, people were turned away at the musical acts.  The Megas and A Rival were met with either boos, insults on the stream chat, or awkward silences.  The main issue was that instead of having sets that were 3/5 to determine a real victor, it became 2/3 games to make time for the musical artists.

EG Momochi ended up winning the event from loser’s bracket, but there was one big surprise or maybe two.  The first surprise was showing off the action of Street Fighter V.  Mike Ross of Twitch and the community manager of Capcom, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas played two games showcasing what Ryu and Chun-Li can do.  The second surprise is the $500,000 both Capcom and Sony will be giving out for the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup.

I had fun but knew it would have been more fun had I decided to sit closer to the action.  As someone who has seen concerts in that venue, the action is always on the floor level.  I have learned my lesson.  Nose bleed seats suck.  VIP is always the way to go especially at an event like this.

Written by: Timtastic

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