2PM’s “Hands Up” review

2PM- Hands Up

Artist: 2PM

Album: “Hands Up”

Label: JYP Entertainment

Year: 2011


I really wanted to get a 2PM album and was wondering which album to buy as my first album from the “beastly idols”.  I ended up going with this one first because it had the most singles I was familiar with.  I also wanted songs made by idols in my age demographic.


This album has songs I was familiar with such as “I’ll Be Back” and “Electricity”.  The up tempo songs were the songs that made me into a fan along with their image of being grown folks as opposed to other idol groups that appealed to adolescents.  “Hands Up” has continued to be the main song for any KPop party song for myself.


Unfortunately, a lot of their down tempo stuff wasn’t as appealing.  If I wanted to listen to those kinds of songs, that’s what we have 2AM for.  Some were good like “Give It To Me”.  I just think it may be an acquired taste if anything.

I also feel that they rely too much on JYP to produce and write their songs when each of them are more than capable of writing lyrics and much more.


In my opinion, this album is very decent even without Jay Park being a member.  There were more quality songs than album fillers. I totally enjoyed it and still listen to it at various times till this day.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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