KCON 2014

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On August 9th-10th, KCON made its return to the Los Angeles Sports Arena in South Los Angeles, CA.  This time, it became bigger than before with two days worth of conventions and now with two nights of concerts.  Attendees had options to attend one of the concerts or even both depending. They even expanded the convention itself, this time adding the OC Night Market with the various vendors and food trucks.  To make space for everything, they utilized not just the arena itself, the area surrounding it, but also the parking lots to make this event more massive than ever.

I felt like the expanded on the activities for the attendees at the 2014 edition. There were people that were unable to attend both concert nights, but the organizers made sure that the convention goers weren’t left out in favor of the concert attendees.  They brought the OC Night Market to leave all the delicious food for everyone to gobble up and played movies from the land of South Korea. There were people that attended that just wanted to go to the market just to soak up the environment.

KCON 2014 also decided to expand their horizons a bit.  Not only was KCON about the KPop, KDramas, and KFood, but they were also about the rapidly known entity such as ESports.  Korea is one of the biggest hotbeds in all of electronic gaming.  In this case, KCON decided to bring on two of the most well known League of Legends teams to run some exhibitions.  Cloud 9 and CJ Frost were both brought to play some games in LoL along with some lucky fans.

This time, the swag also improved with a brand new shirt design along with the bag itself.  With more sponsors meant more tables to give awesome things away to the guests.  They also finally made specific t-shirts for specific artists so that each person can buy their favorites to rep them for the rest of the weekend.

The concert itself was amazing. This year, the stage was centered which allowed people to see the artists from all angles. The stage got even bigger too!  I felt that each night was not better than the other.  Each night had its headliner dominating whether it was G-Dragon bringing his “swag” or Girls’ Generation bringing “all the boys out”, they both had eventful nights.

Obviously, this is one of the rare times when people intentionally want to attend a “line con” just so they can be as close to their favorite idols as possible whether it be for the concert or at a specific fan meet.  This event is also a great way to draw people closer which helps people share their love of their loves.
The best highlights were the fandoms and friendships being built during this event.  Many friends that had met online to discuss hanging out with each other finally met.  Many people that are part of specific fandoms that are scattered all across the United States finally gathered together in unison.  To a lot of people, KCON has become a yearly tradition to see people you don’t normally get to see, and I’m not talking just about the idols.

Event pics!

Even more pics!

Written by: Timtastic

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