Got7’s Fan Meet in San Francisco


On May 6th, 2015, Got7 held their fan meeting at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA.  It marked their second time having an activity with their first one being at the Korean Music Festival the previous weekend.  It was their first time having the stage to themselves on American soil though.  I personally wasn’t aware of what a fan meet consisted of.  Were they going to perform any songs?  Would they last over the suggested two hours?  What else did they have in store for the fans?  I wanted these questions answered.

Before this event, I had no idea who Got7 were.  The only thing I knew about them was that they were from JYP Entertainment, they had members of JJ Project in it, and that they may all know how to speak English due to their stage names.  I had no idea what songs they did, what shows they appeared on, and what else they actually did.  The good thing was that I came into this event with an open mind and was ready for anything they had for their fans. So far in the JYP Entertainment boy band groups, I’ve seen 2AM and 2PM.  I had crossed my fingers that I’d enjoy this event.

Got7 actually did perform a few songs, but not too many since their discography up to date probably would not have filled the two hour requirement to be officially called a concert.  The good thing was that it was a fan meet.  They had just performed pretty much their singles which had brought them great success.

Got7 surprisingly had pretty good English as some of the members were from America while the other members hailed from Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong which pretty much made them the United Nations of KPop or something in that ballpark.  Because they were able to speak English, it made it easier for them to engage with the fans so that they didn’t have to use a translator or read off a cue card.

As a part of JYP Entertainment, they had better be decent at dancing which was what had happened.  Some of them engaged in dance battles which quite impressed yours truly.  The real winners were everyone else.

Some of the games played by lucky winners outright became vicious.  Anything to get some swag and to take a picture with the boys were enough to bring out the best of their abilities.  Obviously, Got7’s biggest demographic are female so all games involved the girls.

What I learned during this event is that the guys are pretty engaging.  From answering questions from the fans to giving hugs to contest winners, these guys made sure that as many people as possible went home happy.
Written by: Timtastic

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