Momoiro Clover Z at Anime Expo 2015


To be honest, the number one reason I personally attended Anime Expo 2015 was not because I was going through a post con depression and wanted to go through another anime convention.  I had no intentions of attending AX2015 as press or anything.  The real reason I attended was because I had discovered that Momoiro Clover Z was going to perform at the Microsoft Theater (formerly Nokia Theater) with a special guest appearance from KISS.  For those of you that don’t know, I’m a legitimate huge fan of Sailor Moon fan and would absolutely travel all the way there to hear the theme song to Sailor Moon Crystal performed live and hopefully other songs from the series too.

They performed at the Microsoft Theater during the first day of Anime Expo on July 3rd, 2015.  I had previously gone there when it was known as the Nokia Theater three years prior to attend the 2NE1 concert.  This time, I moved on down to the lower levels, and boy the view is so much better than the nose bleeds.

It wasn’t filled to capacity, but there was so much to do at Anime Expo that everyone was just spread out.  Some had cosplay gatherings while others went to go watch Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F.  No matter what the capacity was, it was still a sight to be seen as there were seas of lightsticks with alternating colors depending on who was singing at the moment.  It was also as loud as any other concert I’ve ever attended if not louder.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to buy a lightstick as I barely was in the exhibitor’s hall.  A nice Japanese couple that flew all the way from Japan to LA just to see MCZ perform were kind enough to give me one so that I can be one with the crowd.  I thought it was a very nice gesture of them, but there was a catch though.  At the conclusion of the concert, I had to give it back to them which bummed me out.

The show started off with Anime Expo honoring KISS for their contributions in Japan starting in the 1970’s.  I actually thought KISS was going to perform, but it was just Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley accepting awards with no makeup or outfits on.  It was a bummer if people were there to see KISS do a song or two.  No, those that were there were there to see Momoiro Clover Z perform.

Right off the bat, they performed “Moonlight Densetsu” aka the opening theme to the original Sailor Moon.  Right away, I lost it and my voice.  The rest of the night would be a struggle to see if I can somewhat restore my voice or if I would continue to destroy it.  For some reason, I thought I’d be good until they did another Sailor Moon song, but no, I was 100% wrong.  A few songs later, they did a rendition of Nami Tamaki’s “Believe” which caused the downward spiral of what used to be known as my voice.

Before the official show started, the music video for “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina” played on the big screens.  That was the collaboration song Momoiro Clover Z did with KISS.  When the song was performed live, I thought it was an even more awesome song because I had one more song to be familiar with.

Of course, I don’t know their entire discography, so a few songs drew some blanks on me but were hyped enough to keep me standing.  That went on until “Gekkou” aka the closing theme to Sailor Moon Crystal was performed, and my voice percentage level kept dropping.  I’m pretty sure I never sat down at any point during the concert except intermission.

They teased a few times that they were about to be finished, but I knew they couldn’t leave without performing “Moon Pride”.  After all, it was the main reason I had to make the pilgrimage to Downtown Los Angeles.  Once it was performed, I think my voice level had decreased to an all time low causing me to officially lose my voice even more than it had before.

Overall, it was easily the best concert I had attended in years as I went as a fan, not as someone on an assignment to do coverage.  I just happened to decide to write about this particular experience.  Normally, concerts suck if you have to attend by yourself especially when seats are assigned.  This one does not count since it was awesome, and I could care less if someone wanted to attend with me or not.  I’m easily converted into a MCZ fan.

Written by: Timtastic

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