KCON 2015 Preview: Super Junior

KCON 2014 logo

Sorry, sorry for the long wait ELFs, but Super Junior will finally be making their much anticipated return to the US at this year’s KCON.  Emotions will run high amongst the ELF community as it has been quite some time since they’ve last seen SuJu perform in America, especially with leader Leeteuk serving in the South Korean military.  Back in 2013, sub-unit M member Henry said he would return with all the boys, and it seems as though he sort of kept his promise (ironically, Henry won’t be making an appearance this year).  Still, the hype is enormous as we can expect to see performances of new hits such as “Devil” and “Mamacita” as well as legendary classics like “Sorry, Sorry” and “Mr. Simple” which were some of the songs responsible for putting K-pop on the map.  So if you’re an Everlasting Friend then get those banners, light sticks, and fan chants ready to prove that ELFs are still one of K-Pop’s top fandoms.

Written by: Jonathan “JNDrama” Nguyen

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