WWE WrestleMania 31 Axxess


On March 28th, 2015, I opted to attend the last session of the third day of WrestleMania Axxess at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA during WrestleMania 31 weekend.  Why didn’t I attend the first, second, and last day?  Well, on the first day, I had work while on the second day, I opted to attend the counter programming from former WWE superstar, Rob Van Dam.  I also not only attended the RVD comedy show, but also met WWE Divas, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, and AJ Lee while also meeting WrestleMania 31 headliner, Roman Reigns.  I opted not to attend the day four portion due to it being way too close to the WrestleMania 31 event.  I opted to attend the last session of day 3 because the WWE Hall of Fame was running at the same time and WrestleCon held their event at the same time which meant I felt that the lines to meet the superstars and divas would be shorter.

The WWE put their maximum effort in making the Axxess the best experience possible with rolling out the red carpet, airing the WWE Hall of Fame on closed circuit television, having WWE 2K15 available to play, memorabilia from prior WrestleManias, merchandise for sale, and of course, the access to meet so many different WWE superstars and divas.

One of the best things that happened at Axxess was the inclusion of NXT.  NXT is seen as the step right before the main roster.  In some people’s eyes, the NXT product is superior to the actual WWE’s product.  The awesome thing that happened was that they had live matches during Axxess while nearby, NXT had a booth with a superstar and/or diva doing signings.  I think Hideo Itami had like three matches within a four hour span.  You could also watch some of the matches while being in line for a signing.

Most of my superstar/diva meet and greets were from NXT.  I got to meet Neville, Big Cass, Carmella, Vaudevillains, Tyler Breeze, and more.  Sure many of them aren’t as big of a household names as the main roster counter parts, but if you watch NXT on the WWE Network, you’d become an instant fan.  Some of them also had pretty massive lines.  All of them were pretty humble as well.

One of the cool things was being able to enter the Elimination Chamber.  Meeting Los Matadores and El Torito was cool inside of it considering it may be the only time they have to enter the dreaded chamber.

Even upon leaving the event, I was able to meet some awesome superstars.  I got to meet Diamond Dallas Page at a nearby hotel and also got to meet Xavier Woods without having to wait in line.

There were many superstars and divas I didn’t get to meet, but there were so many I did get to encounter.  I appreciate the WWE coming into my home area to hold their biggest event of the year and giving the fans the opportunity to meet the stars they usually see on the screen.  Next time, I do have to meet John Cena though.
Written by: Timtastic

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