Juniel’s “Fall in L” review


Artist: Juniel

Album: “Fall in L”

Label: FNC Entertainment

Year: 2013


Sometimes in the KPop world, you like to try to support as many artists as possible.  That means on occasion, you’ll blindly buy someone’s entire discography and usually that leads to a dark path.  That dark path consists of most of the songs not being too good outside of their lead singles.  This leads to being lost and not knowing what to purchase next.

This is when I needed to take a step back and figure out what I really wanted to invest my money in.  I went through some soul searching in the world of YouTube where I came across some music from Juniel, and it clicked.  At this point, I did not own any music from her, so I thought I’d give her songs a try, and this is where it begins.


First and foremost, I found that all four songs on this EP are so pleasant to listen to.  You’ll see the word “pleasant” a few times as that’s the world that best describes this album.  I felt that it was extremely easy on the ears.  I don’t always need the bass and catchy hooks to enjoy the song.  I want to feel at ease too.  All the songs were fun to listen to and made me feel happy at the conclusion of the songs.


I felt like an addict who needed more.  In this case, it was me being an addict and needing more of Juniel’s music because it was so pleasant.  It’s a shame that as of this writing, she had yet to release a full length album in Korea because it has so much potential to get a high rating from yours truly.


I liked how Juniel doesn’t have to hit insanely high notes to show how talent she is.  I also give her much props on actually playing the guitar.  Most other artists in her position just have it as a prop.  She has it so she can perform.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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