Sailor Moon (1992 anime) review


Series: Sailor Moon

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1992


As a child, I watched this series, and enjoyed it.  Fast forward years later, and I’m out of my anime phase.  Fast forward some more years, I somehow find myself back in the anime world via video games and attending anime conventions.  For years, I never bought anything until 2014 hit.

In 2014, at Fanime Con, I had made a joke about everyone buying a hug pillow featuring their favorite anime character. Somehow, someway, I was the only one that located a waifu (look it up) hug pillow.  No one was able to find their favorite waifu or husbundo (also look it up) hug pillow.  Who is this waifu which you speak of is probably running up your mind right now.  Well, just to sum it up, it is the soldier of love and beauty, Sailor Venus.  It started off as a joke, but I started to buy coffee mugs and messenger bags.  Before you know it, I was also buying everything and anything over the next few months.  This feeling of loving the series started to come back to me so I wanted to relive the entire original series again starting with this one.  I’m only going to cover the original Japanese version since the American dub seemed to cut a lot out of it.


Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl that happens to obtain the power of Sailor Moon to fight the evil known as the Dark Kingdom. Overtime, she has to locate the silver crystal, find the other Sailor Senshi (soldiers), reawaken her past self, find her one true love in Tuxedo Mask, and of course, save the world.


What can I say?  For sure, I’m going to be extremely bias about this series and for good reason.  You get all kinds of feelings in this series.  There’s comedy, action, storylines, love, friendships, and all the emotion you want wrapped into one series.  You can laugh, cry, and be in awe.  There’s a reason why it is beloved by both female and males.

It does take some time to actually tell the whole story for this season, but during this time, you get to know the characters and their motives.  As each episode passes on by, you get to grow with the protagonists and keep cheering them on until next time.  The antagonists are people you just love to hate.


Because it ran very long, you do get a lot of filler episodes.  You do get episodes where you don’t get to build on the actual story.  You get this “bad guy of the week” feeling when you watch an episode where the story isn’t fully progressed.  It also took way too many episodes for fan favorites like Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus to appear.  Sailor Venus didn’t even appear until the end of the first half of the season which caused her to have to catch up with the other senshi in terms of relationship building and getting to know her as a character.


I’m going to give this series a perfect score due to the fact that this series has already withstood the test of time and is already considered a classic.  You can literally go anywhere in the world, and if you can ask anyone to name some anime, Sailor Moon is usually up there.  What makes this the best one is the fact that the villains are the most well known out of every single series.  A great hero always needs the most evil villain.

Overall rating: 5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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