Sistar’s “Touch N Move” EP review


Artist: Sistar

Album: “Touch N Move”

Label: Starship Entertainment

Year: 2014


About a year after their second full length album, Sistar is back with another mini album called “Touch N Move”.  It marked the first of two mini albums being released that summer with the other being “Sweet & Sour”.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.


With summer already in progress, Sistar did a great job reminding us why we love summer.  Sistar is one of the groups that best exemplify fun songs during the summer season, and it is reflected in the lead single “Touch My Body”.  The electro pop sounds in their music is sure to make for fun and excitement.


With “Touch N Move” and “Sweet & Sour” being released months apart, I would have preferred if both EPs were merged into one.  Both mini albums have similar sounds which would have been perfect if they were combined into one.  With “So Cool” having a lot of singles, you’d think a merger would have generated multiple hits, right?

I honestly felt that all the songs felt in place, but the one track that definitely felt out of place was “But I Love U” due to the R&B feel.  It was slapped in between all the uptempo summertime tunes.


I definitely enjoyed this album.  The word that best describes “Touch N Move” would absolutely by “fun”.  As I listen to most of this album, I feel that rush of joy.  The feeling of joy is enhanced when doing something actually fun and/or going through the summertime season.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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