Sailor Moon R (1993 anime) review


Series: Sailor Moon R

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1993


As I finished the previous season of the Sailor Moon series, I felt the need to continue to grind out watching the episodes to relive my childhood.  Fanime Con was over and my goal was to see if I can finish watching every single episode of the original Sailor Moon before Sailor Moon Crystal comes out and by Anime Expo that year.  My hope was to average about two or three episodes a day pending I have the whole day to myself or not.  Anime Expo was going to have a celebration of Sailor Moon which involves the debut of Crystal.  I wanted to see if I can watch all 200 episodes from Sailor Moon to Sailor Stars.  In this case, I continued with Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R aka just Sailor Moon R.


Sailor Moon R is broken into two arcs.  The first arc is called the “Makaiju arc”.  The Sailor Senshi have defeated the Dark Kingdom in the previous series and have been restored back to normal, but have lost their memories of their time as a senshi and have lost sight of each other.  Meanwhile, two aliens named Ail and An infiltrate their school as students to begin collecting energy from students to feed their Makaiju aka “Hell Tree” by summoning their monsters called cardigans. Realizing that the world may be in danger, Luna decides to restore everyone’s power thus everyone regaining their memories.

The second arc is the “Black Moon Clan arc”.  The Black Moon Clan are a bunch of exiled fugitives from the planet Nemesis.  Their goal is to destroy Neo Crystal Tokyo and rid them of Queen Serenity’s rule to once again bring darkness to Earth.  Queen Serenity’s daughter, Small Lady aka Chibiusa goes back in time to seek the help of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi to fend off against the forces of evil to preserve the future and the present.


The Black Moon arc definitely is the highlight of the series.  All the villains were a threat to the senshi whether it be the Ayakashi sisters, the authoritative figures of the Black Moon Clan, or the Death Phantom (Wiseman).  It felt like a steep mountain to defeat these antagonists as when one is defeated, the next in line becomes a tougher matchup.

The awesome part is the introduction of Sailor Pluto.  She is the gateway between the present and future.  It was also cool to see Sailor Moon and her future daughter teaming up together to defeat the bad guys.

I did feel for Chibiusa.  There are a lot of you that feel the whole weight of the world on your shoulders.  There are a lot of you that know what it’s like to take a certain gamble in life hoping it pays out.  That’s what she did along with being in a foreign environment with no familiarities.  Going home wasn’t an option until the job was done.


I considered the Makaiju arc to be the weak point of the series.  It was literally just filler material until the Black Moon Clan arc was ready for the masses.  The villains weren’t as threatening as their counterparts in future or past seasons.  You didn’t sympathize with them on their goals until the end.  Sure they had a lot of stake as they were fighting for survival as opposed to all the other villains that fought for world domination, but you didn’t hate them to the point where you hope Sailor Moon destroys them for good.  This arc did nothing to enhance character development or overall storyline.

Of course, the other bad part was Moonlight Knight.  Moonlight Knight was a terrible and forgettable character.  He had a sword and did absolutely nothing with it to defeat the cardigans.  The outfit did nothing to enhance the character.  Like the Makaiju arc itself, Moonlight Knight was pretty much a filler character that wasted everyone’s time.  Let’s be real.  Tuxedo Mask will always be the main male protagonist of the Sailor Moon series.


I loved most of the series.  As you can tell, I have a certain disdain for parts of this series.  When things go bad, they can only get better, right?  The Black Moon Clan arc felt like there was a lot on the line and made everyone feel that no matter how much a person has a hatred towards another person, that person still has some good in them which gives everyone hope especially when Sailor Moon heals them.  I’d dock this series some points due to the Makaiju arc though.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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