Tekkaman Blade (1992 anime) review


Series: Tekkaman Blade

Studio: Tatsunoko Production

Year: 1992


You’ve seen this article before if you’ve gone through previous articles on this website covering Yatterman, Casshern, and Karas.  It all goes back to liking the Nintendo Wii game, Tatsunoko vs Capcom.  I wanted to watch some of the anime these characters came from.  In this one, I decided to check out Tekkaman Blade because he looked cool to me the first time I ever saw him in action.


Earth is being attacked by an alien life form called Radam.  The Radam are going to use the Earth to suck its resources dry and create a brand new colony for their kind to wipe out mankind.  They will also use humans as experiment for host bodies to create a fighting machine called Tekkamen that they can control.

Takaya and his family were out in outer space to do some research until they discovered the unknown Radam vessel.  Excited for the possibility of finding alien life form, everyone on board goes board the unknown spaceship only to have walked into a trap set by the Radam so they can be the first to become host bodies for the Tekkaman program.

Takaya was the only one that survived, not get brainwashed, and escape enemy territory.  For the rest of the crew, they were not fortunate.  Takaya must now team up with members of the human race to help defeat the Radam with the recent ability to become a Tekkaman while regaining his sanity.  Not only does Takaya have to defeat the Radam, but he must prevent members of his family to be active participants in the takeover.  In order to save the world, he must become Tekkaman Blade.


It was entertaining as heck.  I felt that Takaya had already the most to lose as he already lost everyone in his family.  He had to stop them from destruction which implies that he would have to kill them.  To have to kill one’s family meant that he was already in a lose lose situation which made his character unique.

Takaya also had a bit of a chip on his shoulder due to being the only legitimate person that could stop the Radam invasion. Sure lots of research was used to build other Tekkaman suits, but Blade was the only one with the real resources to climb the steep mountain to defeat everyone.


Like a lot of anime series that have to fill the required amount of episode quotas, I felt like there were some unnecessary episodes.  First of all, some of the episodes did not add too much to the grand scheme of things in terms of overall storytelling.  In some cases, Blade had trouble even defeating some of the weaker Radam and saw struggle against creatures he should beat easily.

The other issue is some of the flashback episodes.  It was not needed to have episodes to cover what had happened up to that point.  We didn’t need an abridged version of the entire half or full season.


I’m glad I was a fan of TvC or else I would have never found this series.  I originally thought that Tekkaman Blade was somehow related to the original Tekkaman which was not the case at all.  This series definitely made a name for itself.

I honestly feel that if Tekkaman had come out in the social media world of today, it would be a heavy success.  I do feel that a rerelease or a reboot would do this series wonders.  All the Gundam fans would absolutely fall in love with Blade. Imagine all the toys and merchandise that could be sold.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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