Sailor Moon S (1994 anime review)


Series: Sailor Moon S

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1994


I was still in the midst of trying to grind down episodes of the classic Sailor Moon series by the beginning of Anime Expo 2014 and the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal.  I had already gone through Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R which meant this was next on the chronological order.  I had also wanted to relive my childhood.


Rei has a vision about destruction coming to her and everyone around her causing massive worries.  Later on, she is attacked by a new enemy and their minions called Daimon.  She is saved not just by her fellow senshi but by new soldiers later to be revealed as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

They both join the battle to help prevent the apocalypse from their new enemy called the Death Busters. The senshi are also later joined by the return of Chibiusa who has now received the ability to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.  She returns from the future to train to become a better senshi while Sailor Pluto also comes back.  They also had a newcomer named Hotaru who later becomes Sailor Saturn who has the ability to cause massive destruction not only to the enemy, but also to those around her.  Alliances are formed and trust is put on the line as people don’t trust the other side despite fighting for the same cause.


The main highlight is the introduction of the new characters starting with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.  At the time, it was controversial because seeing a lesbian couple was taboo.  Nowadays, we see it as something normal and accepting, but at the time, it was something that made a lot of people uncomfortable up to the point where the American dub had to change them from lovers to cousins.  It was great to see an anime push the envelope.

I also liked the inclusion of Sailor Saturn.  She seemed like a sweet girl, yet had the ability to cause massive chaos and destruction.  A lot of the series was aimed at trying to eliminate her courtesy of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto while the other side was trying to protect her.  She had all the keys in defeating the enemy and was a vital part of the series.


Other than the fact that there were new characters, I didn’t see what else was actually brought to the table.  Anything that was brought up was already established in the previous series such as friendships and loyalty.  We pretty much got new characters to add to the pot


I definitely enjoyed this series as new characters added to what already was a stacked team.  It was a surprise that Sailor Moon wasn’t the primary character to defeat the main antagonist which was refreshing.  This really was the series to raise the bar in terms of society issues females can go through and make communities like the LGBT feel like they have someone they can legitimately look up too since there weren’t any characters like Uranus and Neptune before.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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