Sailor Moon Super S (1995 anime review)


Series: Sailor Moon Super S

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1995


Of course, I had to keep the grind going to finish out the entire Sailor Moon series from the original through Sailor Stars. This series was the second to last one which felt like I was getting closer to the end.  As much as I was looking towards the finish line, a part of me was feeling a bit sad that I was near the end.


A new enemy has approached and the Sailor Senshi must once again use all their power to defeat every last one of them. The Dead Moon Circus is the new villain and they came in two waves.  The Amazon Trio were the first ones to take a crack at representing the Dead Moon Circus while the Amazoness Quartet were next in line should the trio fail.  Hint, hint!  Both groups are lead by Queen Nehelenia.

Besides world domination, they all seek to destroy a person disguised as a unicorn named Pegasus who holds the key to defeating them.  

The Senshi must work together with Pegasus to rid the world of evil.  They also do get new powers as is the case for every season.


In this series, Chibiusa has a much bigger role as she is taking the next necessary steps to be a Sailor Senshi like her mother. Once again, she becomes a focal point as she is the only one that can communicate with Pegasus and later gains improved abilities.


It was sad to see that Sailor Uranus and Neptune did not make the cut into Super S as they were getting more popular for providing something new for the Senshi.  They were older than the core five but had the abilities to defeat the villain of the week at will.  They also thought outside the traditional tactic which may have been some help at times.

I was also disappointed with Sailor Saturn and Pluto did not make this season as they were getting a warmer reception too.

Of course, this series continued the tradition of having multiple filler episodes which meant lots of episodes came and went until we had progression in the story.


I feel that as each series that passes on, it feels as if it’s getting worse and worse.  The story gets more absurd, but it may just be me.

The villains don’t feel as threatening as they did before.  By no means would I be afraid of three people dressed like the 80’s were back nor would I be afraid of four little kids full of mischief.  The Amazon Trio and The Amazoness Quartet did not make me fear them nor hate them.  I felt that they were there for comic relief.

Let’s just say the Chibiusa and Pegasus relationship was a bit weird as well.  I’ll also leave it at that.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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