Seungri’s “Let’s Talk About Love” EP review


Artist: Seungri

Album: “Let’s Talk About Love”

Label: YG Entertainment

Year: 2013


As a VIP convert, I felt it was necessary check out their group work, but to check out what they can do on an individual basis.  I already have heard albums from G-Dragon and Taeyang.  I wanted to hear what the youngest Big Bang member had in store.  I opted to start with his second album as 2013 was a big year for Big Bang individually.


This album had some pretty decent tracks.  I felt that he can easily lean on his fellow members if he wanted.  Fortunately, he only needed the crutch for one song.  If you had G-Dragon and Taeyang available for guest appearances on your KPop album, you’d try to use them as well.

I do feel that because the group themselves are so great together, we forget that Seungri can be talented by himself. Every now and then, we’re reminded of his potential greatness.


After the first half of the album with guest appearances were done, the second half became somewhat forgettable.  The songs were decent, but if I were buying this album by the song, I’d lean towards not getting the last half of this EP.  

The reason why the first half was better was because it had those guest appearances and his lead single.  The second half was just him all by himself.  No TOP.  No G-Dragon.  No Daesung.  No Taeyang.  It’s all Seungri.

As a Big Bang fan, I feel it’s a good album to have as a collector.  As a casual KPop fan, you can probably skip the album. It’s good if you’re a Big Bang fan.  If I were to show a KPop newbie, this wouldn’t be the album I’d start someone off with.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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