Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (1996 anime) review


Series: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1996


Finally, this marks the end of the classic Sailor Moon run as I had finished Super S and went immediately into Sailor Stars. I actually never watched Sailor Stars as a kid because I would have had to go through hoops and hurdles to be able to watch it. Thanks to the power of the Internet, I had the means of watching it for the first time. All I knew about this series was that it was going to be a very long grind to finish out the series.


This series was broken into two parts. First was the continuation of Super S as Queen Nehelenia somehow was freed which meant the Sailor Senshi had to do whatever it took again to defeat her. In the same process, they also had to free Tuxedo Mask from her spell.

The second part of the series was the introduction of the Sailor Starlights as they were in search Princess Kakyuu who escaped from Shadow Galactica led by Sailor Galaxia who was consumed by the entity known as Chaos. The antagonists of this series are attempting to unleash Chaos by collecting Starseeds from living beings.


What I liked was that it had a complex storyline. It was something I probably wouldn’t have figured out when I was a kid, but thankfully, I was able to figure out why this or that had happened at this stage of my life.

I also liked the return of very important characters in the Outer Senshi. Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn all return to assist the Inner Senshi against Sailor Galaxia.


As a Sailor Moon purist, I was raised and taught that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask should always be together. Anyone that gets in their way would tarnish their good name and most likely get some hate out of me. That’s what Seiya aka Sailor Star Fighter tried to do as he had feelings for Usagi.

I was never a huge fan of the Starlights. I’ve grown confused on their outfits as they dress like males in their casual attire while they dress as females when they transform as Starlights to fight evil. If someone could confirm to me what they actually are, that would be great. I also felt like they as characters were being pushed down our throats in hopes that we accept them like we did the Outer Senshi which in my case never happened. I never quite fully embraced them primarily because I didn’t think they fit into the storyline too well.

I didn’t appreciate the lack of Tuxedo Mask too. He pretty much disappeared from the second arc of the series. I won’t explain why he disappeared because that would be spoiling it. I just see him as a necessity to the series like all the previous series.


I’m glad I was able to finish out this particular series because I wasn’t quite too fond of it even though as of late, I’ve had friends that have put in a good word for Sailor Stars and even dissected every key plot point on why it’s a good series. I was happy to finish this series, but was sad that the entire Sailor Moon series was over because I had grown to love and cherish the Sailor Senshi not just as heroines, but also people I’ve learned life lessons through. I learned about the power of friendship, love, happiness, hope, teamwork, compassion, confidence, and much more through all the Sailor Moon series.  

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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