Mr. Idol (2011 Korean movie) review


Movie: Mr. Idol

Studio: Daisy Entertainment

Year: 2011

Country of origin: Korea


I decided to somehow get back into watching movies from Korea since it’s been quite some time since I wrote about one. I opted to browse through Hulu to see what was available and came across this title. It had Jay Park which was a familiar name, so I decided to roll with it. It also had a storyline revolving around idols which are things I’m interested in.


Mr. Children is a Korean pop boy band that was on the rise until one of the members passed away causing the group to break up and sending the producer into seclusion away.  After several years, the attempt to revive the group is on with the replacement of the deceased member. Mr. Children must endure controversies from their personal lives, previous attempts at auditions, rival groups, and rival agencies in order to catch their big break.


It was interesting to see how an idol group must train before debuting to a national audience from the workouts to learning how to sing and dance. I felt it was spot on with the requirements to have a boy band like the lead and main vocalists, lead dancer, and main rapper. I felt it was interesting to see it from an independent label as opposed to a gigantic agency.

What really blew my mind were the appearances from actual idol groups like U-Kiss, Nam Gyuri and Chocolat. Sure, I couldn’t point them out initially but after checking the credits, I thought it was pretty cool that they were included.


The acting wasn’t that great from all angles as no one really put in any raw emotion. I never quite felt the struggle from any of the individual members of the boy band.


I was sad to see that Jay Park didn’t have too many lines. I assumed because it was his inexperience in acting and possibly the Korean language. He was pretty much why I opted to watch this film since he was the named person that drew me to this movie. I felt it was fun to watch. I recommend it to any Koreaboo that enjoys idol groups.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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