Ga In’s “Talk About S” EP review


Artist: Ga In

Album: “Talk About S”

Label: LOEN Entertainment

Year: 2012


Let me get started on how awesome iTunes radio is. If it weren’t for iTunes, I would be very behind on the world of KPop and miss potential great songs and artists. That’s how I came across Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls. If it weren’t for iTunes, I would have never discovered her individual work as an artist. What caught my ears was the song “Bloom”. That’s when I decided to buy the entire EP to see if the other songs are any good.


Obviously, I’m going to start with “Bloom” as it’s the lead single. I love the song as it has that Disco pop mixed with general pop and electropop. The song itself just has that fun positive feeling that makes for a fun listen with replay value. Songs like “Catch Me If You Can” and “Tiredness” also share that upbeat sentiment which makes this album much more than a one track wonder.

“The Gaze” was also an underrated song with her having a downtempo R&B track. What made the song was the use of a sample of the American hip-hop artist, Common.


Usually, for EPs that I absolutely love, the only bad parts is that it’s way too short. In this case, I feel the same way. I wish there were ways where she made more songs like the upbeat ones. Maybe, she’ll have more one day, or it could have just been a one time concept.


I liked this album more than anything the Brown Eyed Girls ever did. To some people, she’s the lead female in a PSY music video. To people like me, she wowed me with a single that made me have to check out her music.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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