Helldriver (2010 Japanese movie) review


Movie: Helldriver

Studio: Nikkatsu

Year: 2010

Country of origin: Japan

It’s about to be Halloween, and here I am browsing the internet looking for a random international movie for some ideas for maybe a future cosplay. I came across this movie and clicked on it not knowing the synopsis. I only judged it on the photo and thought that it looked pretty cool. It pretty much goes back to my Cinequest method of picking movies.


A zombie outbreak has divided Japan into a southern part with all safe people and a northern section featuring all of those affected by the outbreak. It has also divided the nation between those that want have equal rights to the zombies because they’re still human deep inside and those that want to eliminate them all.

Kika is a girl who wants to kill her mother to avenge her father and herself from previous acts of torture. Her mom just so happens to be the zombie queen. Kika must infiltrate the north to find her mom along with her brother and kill them all to save the country. She tags along with a small team seeking to fulfill their missions.


I actually like the costuming and the make up. Zombie movies usually require lots of great make up.

The props department also did a great job because the idea of a chainsaw sword is 100% genius. I have no idea why I’ve never seen that before.


Where do I start? The plot and continuity never made any sense. The acting was pretty sub par. The special effects and visual effects were inferior to those even on SyFy.

The shock value was there but not in a good way. The shock value wasn’t there to enhance the movie experience but was there for those “wtf” moments. I found myself looking at the time waiting for it to end. I wasn’t entertained at all. I felt like I was grinding this movie down.


I felt like I wasted two or three hours of my life watching this. I know for sure I’ll never get those hours back. This is one of the cases where I picked a movie because of the poster, and it turned out to suck. I shouldn’t also pick a movie assuming it’ll be good just because it comes from Japan. I was totally mindfucked by this entire experience.  

Overall rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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