Sac Anime Summer 2015


On September 4th-6th, 2015, the biannual event known as Sac Anime returned for its summer season during Labor Day weekend at the Sacramento Convention Center and the Sheraton Grand Hotel in the capital of California. I had already gone through the winter edition, and boy, was this experience something else compared to the previous visits.

Of course, in my previous visits to this anime convention, I went as a regular attendee and didn’t cosplay yet. This marked the first Sac Anime where I cosplayed. In my previous visit during the winter edition, I commuted each time to Sacramento while this time I stayed near the venue.

I had participated in one gathering. I participated in the Sailor Moon gathering. It was a bit disappointing considering the series usually has one of the bigger gatherings at anime cons which was why I cosplayed a character from the series. Unfortunately, there was a low turnout. I don’t know if it was the lack of “moonies” or if it was the organizers’ faults. I ran into other senshi cosplayers, and they didn’t know about the gathering.

I rarely attend panels unless it’s at a much bigger con and/or if it covers anything that really grabs my attention. No particular panel made me plan my day around it.

One of the things that Sac Anime does that’s better than Fanime is a much better speed dating. At Fanime, everyone’s stressing out about if they’re going to be picked or not to participate. The male to female ratio at Fanime is way too high and the pressure is there to make a successful speed date. At Sac Anime, everything’s more chill and you could take as long as you want to talk to whomever you please after the ice breakers which felt like it lasted forever.

I’d say one of the newest experiences at Sac Anime was being a judge for the KPop Dance Battles. Competitors from soloists to groups battled to see who can do the best KPop cover dances. It was nearly an all Northern Californian affair. The attendance turnout was amazing. I liked that everyone worked hard at their performances.

I also attended the rave but quickly realized that it’s not my scene as I don’t dance nor do rave things. I also wasn’t trying to be around kids that raved and dance off beat. Hey, I tried to make it work.

Honestly, this was the best Sac Anime yet due to experiencing it with a new set of people that wanted the most of their event as I did. To truly enjoy this event, you must thrust yourself into the anime world and embrace your inner otaku.
Written by: Timtastic

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