KCON LA 2015: Day 2

KCON 2014 logo

On August 1st, 2015, it was the second official day of KCON LA 2015. It also marked the first night of the concert as well. The artists that were scheduled to do perform included Super Junior, Sistar, Roy Kim, Got7, and Monsta X. There were many exciting things that happened during the course of the convention portion too.

One of the highlights was getting to be a judge at the KPop Dance Battles. Many of the dance performances went down to the wire. There were dancers from all over from California to the East Coast to even Canada. KCON was pretty much the Super Bowl of KPop dance covers. I do feel that if some of these groups and soloists competed in another competition, they would have easily won. What made the event so much more awesome was the cool stage that they got to perform on. The trophy was so impressive too.

KPop Dance Battles at KCON 2015

As part of Sturdy Pine, I went to the Sistar fan engagement event. It was one of the bigger events of KCON as there was a high touch event. There were people literally crying at the chance to be right in front of their idols. Outside of some hiccups from male fans that wanted more than a high touch, it went on without a hitch. Sistar also did a Q&A which helped the fans get to know them a bit more.

Sistar’s fan engagement

Soyou of Sistar also made another appearance which drew in massive amounts of people at a booth in the convention hall. As an idol, she of all people would know how to apply makeup. She did a seminar to teach people how to apply it so that anyone could maximize their beauty.

Soyou’s seminar

At the red carpet, all of the scheduled performers made it to the red carpet. It was in the same room that was used for all the fan engagements. What made it great was that it was indoors as opposed to the previous ones which were outside. Not only were the artists there, but guests on the red carpet included KDrama star, Son Ho Jun and Hollywood star, Daniel Henney. It was just the beginning of things to come when the concert hit.

Super Junior on the red carpet

Sistar on the red carpet

Monsta X on the red carpet

Got7 on the red carpet

Roy Kim on the red carpet

Son Ho Jun on the red carpet

Daniel Henney on the red carpet

Once all activities ended at the Los Angeles Convention Center, it was time to migrate to the nearby Staples Center for the actual concert. Before the concert started, there were people of Korean culture their performing to get the show started.

Monsta X was the lead off performer and they did a great job. They were the group on the day one billing that I knew the least about primarily due to the fact that they only debuted months earlier, so their discography is a lot smaller than the other artists. They did a great job opening the show.

Sistar was up next which brought everyone to their feet upon their introductions. They of course performed their most recent hit to date, “Shake It” which made everyone try to shake it. They did hit after hit. The most exciting moment for me was when they did “Lead Me” because I never thought that I would ever hear them perform that song unless I attended a Sistar only concert. They usually never perform that song at joint concerts. It’s also one of my favorite song of theirs.

The next artist to perform was Got7. I grew a liking to them after seeing them at their fan engagement months earlier. They of course did some of their top hits and of course had to perform “Just Right” which helped them skyrocket in terms of fame. Despite performing as only a six member group, they all did a great job.

Roy Kim was the lone solo act of the night as he performed a medley of songs that made him famous. With all the bass that was blasting the arena all night, it was refreshing to hear a sense of calmness from Roy Kim.

One of the highlights was getting a dance medley between the members of Monsta X and the members of Got7. They got that change in wardrobe just for this one too.

Finally, the headliners were Super Junior. They did some of their most famous hits such as “Sorry Sorry” and “Mr. Simple” while they had to mix in some of their most recent records like “Devil”. There were so many members, it was hard to keep up with them all. Siwon surprised me the most because I never knew that he could speak English fluently. I did miss Shindong though since he would be my favorite member of the group.

With day two ending. There’s only one more day left…
Written by: Timtastic

Day 2 photos

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