“Sailor Moon R: The Movie” aka “Promise of the Rose” (1993 anime movie) review


Movie: “Sailor Moon R: The Movie” aka “The Promise of the Rose”

Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 1993

Country of origin: Japan


Obviously when you finish watching the entire Sailor Moon series, you think it’s completely done, right? Wrong! I felt that I had to dig into the various movies that the franchise has spawned over its life through the 90’s. I felt that Sailor Moon urge continuing, so I might as well try to grind through this one too.


An alien lifeform has arrived on Earth along with an asteroid that has life on it. This alien named Fiore happens to know Mamoru and wants to break him and Usagi up. Fiore had a relationship with Mamoru as they were friends as children after Mamoru’s parents died.

Fiore is being controlled by a flower called a Xenian which attaches itself onto anyone with a weak heart. Fiore hates the fact that Usagi has Mamoru’s heart which drives him to the brink of hatred for the Sailor Senshi. They must act quick to stop him from unleashing the Xenian on Earth’s life forms.


It does relate to Sailor Moon R as it is related to the “Hell Tree” saga. Fiore comes from the same race as Ail and An. Once again, love overcomes all odds as Usagi’s heart showed that the best way to win is to show love. I did enjoy the fact that some of the characters did return for this movie like Chibiusa.


If there was going to be a spinoff off of Sailor Moon R, I much would have preferred the more superior story arc which was the “Black Moon Clan” saga which had more interesting characters especially the villains. Imagine if someone related to Wiseman or even the clan themselves were in this movie. What if there was another Ayakashi sister or something? The possibilities were there to begin with.


It really did feel like an abridged version of a series. It was an entire series condensed into a little over an hour. It wasn’t the best,yet it was still part of the Sailor Moon universe which made it more bearable to watch.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Timtastic

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