4Minute’s “Hit Your Heart” review


Artist: 4Minute
Album: “Hit Your Heart”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2010


Let’s be honest here. 4Minute has a lot of hits. They have a lot of songs that are full of bass and could cause you to turn the volumes up. They cause you to make the speakers louder. They have a lot of songs that are filled with hype. Confidence is something they will never ever lack, and that’s why I decided to buy this EP.


“Hit Your Heart” is filled with banger after banger. “Huh” and “I My Me Mine” are heavy hitting songs while “Invitation” and “Bababa” could have easily been hits should they have promoted the songs.

It was also cool to have Beast on the intro track to support their labelmates. It was helpful that they also didn’t draw too much attention to themselves and knew that it was 4Minute’s show.


Although having the songs you can bump to and dance to, it does help to have a balance in slower down tempo songs too. There was only one ballad song, but we all know that’s not 4Minute’s strength.


It was a fun album to listen to. It’s an actual EP I could listen to all the way through, but then again, it is a mini album. I did enjoy listening to it and would give it multiple listens again when I feel like opening the windows up and singing along to the songs.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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