“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” (2015 anime movie) review

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Movie: “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F”
Studio: Toei Animation
Year: 2015
Country of Origin: Japan


Dragon Ball Z is definitely a household name. For those that aren’t too familiar with anime, they can at least name DBZ as an anime they have heard of. With that being said, I’ve been a DBZ fan for such a long time. Who hasn’t tried leveling up to Super Saiyan status? When this movie became available for a limited theatrical release, I had to go watch it at my local movie theater as they only had one viewing a night which made things a bit complicated in working around a set schedule.


This takes place after the events of “Battle of the Gods”. Frieza has been revived by his minions with the use of the Dragon Balls and advanced technology. He had been stuck in his own personal hell for the longest time so he had been plotting revenge. After being revived, he had been warned that Goku had gotten stronger. That prompted him to officially start training to reach a level past his final form.

During this time, Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis to get stronger. Bulma is warned about Frieza’s resurrection and must gather up the troops but can’t seem to get into contact with Goku nor Vegeta. Together, everyone must work together to defeat Frieza in his new state along with his army.


The action scenes were pretty awesome especially when it was Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi, and Jaco versus the entire Frieza army knowing they were completely outnumbered.

The action scenes where Goku and Vegeta each fight Frieza was pretty cool too. They had each improved their abilities and reached new Super Saiyan heights since the last time they faced Frieza. It was impressive that they weren’t content with their present levels.


What makes a great hero is a great villain. At no point did Frieza overmatch Goku or Vegeta. He was made to look weak which didn’t raise the stakes for anyone. Frieza at no point was an equal to Goku or Vegeta even in their present form. Great heroes need a rival, and Frieza failed to live up to his expectations. He especially failed to live up to our expectations.
I was also sad to find out that some of my favorite characters did not make the cut for this movie. Trunks, Goten, Mr. Popo, Chaotsu, and Yamcha all didn’t appear in the movie. It would have been cool to see a fusion dance as well.


Although the story was weak in my opinion, the action was more than enough to make this movie enjoyable. The faces of fans new and old during the movie made it much more than just another flick, but more than a cinematic experience. It is rare to be able to watch an anime movie with other folks at an American cinema. I actually would have wished that we would have gotten to see this movie subbed. I’m more of a subbed over dubbed kind of guy. In anime, I always watch subbed, so I was disappointed that the characters spoke English.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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