M-Flo’s “Neven” review


Artist: M-Flo
Album: “Neven”
Label: Rhythm Zone
Year: 2013


As I became a bigger fan of M-Flo, I really started falling in love with their music. It took me some time to get used to the new sounds of EDM and electronic influences, but I ended up enjoying “Square One”. I ended up loving the album and realized I needed more. More came in the form of “Neven”. What I appreciated was that they always reinvent themselves through music which benefits everyone.


This album is full of fun songs. I became a fan of CREAM after hearing the vocals of Minami. I was very glad that she came back to lend her voice to some hooks and verses. She definitely enhances any song she appears on. I have a lot of friends that have never listened to any artist from Japan and ended up loving this album. It was definitely a step up from “Square One” as there were influences from that album but more.


Once again, those darn interludes.


I definitely enjoyed this album as it’s always in my rotation of albums to listen to all the way through especially on long car rides. Every song hits with the exception of their lead single, “Lover”. M-Flo doesn’t just make music to cater to hip-hop fans, R&B fans, pop fans, but fans of all genres. This time, they hit their electronic demographic. I don’t listen to electronic music, and I freaking loved this album.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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