Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (1989 anime movie) review


Movie: “Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone”
Studio: Toei Animation
Year: 1989
Country of Origin: Japan


After watching some of the more recent Dragon Ball Z movies, I thought I had seen them all. Of course, I unfortunately found out that there were some earlier ones that came out even back in the 80’s. As a DBZ fan, I had to go back in time to watch it, so I can feel like I’m all caught up in the series.


Garlic Jr. desires immortality so that he could never die. In order to achieve that goal, he needs to collect all the Dragon Balls to get his wish granted. Gohan possesses one of them, so Garlic Jr. and his lackeys go to his home and attack Chichi and her father. They also kidnap Gohan. Goku sensed what had happened and rushed home only to be too late. He seeks out those that did him wrong.

Goku later infiltrated their fortress but is soon outnumbered by everyone. He is later joined by Krillin and Kami but are still outnumbered. Goku’s rival at the time, Piccolo, has a score to settle with the antagonists too who had attacked him earlier. It pretty much evens the playing field, but the rivals must work together to beat someone that has been granted immortality and cannot be killed.


Coming from an era where every character is overpowered, it was cool to see Goku being able to defeat some villains long before he was able to turn Super Saiyan. Although it was a short movie, it was short and sweet.


I felt that it was a glorified one long abridged episode instead of a movie. It clocked in at around 45 minutes. There could have been more added to the plot such as the villains winning at some point. Goku and Piccolo didn’t suffer too much damage.


I would have liked for it to be as long as an actual movie, I at least enjoyed it. Garlic Jr. was never among one of the most feared villains in the DBZ universe but at least got his chance to shine in a feature. I feel like I’m going to grind out the DBZ movies at some point.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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