KCON LA 2015: Day 3

KCON 2014 logo

On August 2nd, 2015, the final day of KCON 2015 in LA came. Although we didn’t attend as many events as the day before, it gave us the chance to explore the venue a bit more to see things that were overlooked from the previous two days. The artists scheduled to perform that night included Red Velvet, AOA, Zion T & Crush, Block B, & Shinhwa

We did go into the video room to watch some of the latest dramas put on by the staff of DramaFever. I wasn’t too knowledgeable on what I was watching, but they did air some dramas, movies, and comedies that helped people escape the madness of the main room. They also gave away some cool prizes as well.

Going into the convention hall was fun. There were booths still going strong with promoting their products, favorite groups, or anything that had to do with Korean culture. Many booths were filled with energy from people that still had it.

Convention photos

The VIP room was cool because it was a room I had yet to see. From there, you could see the high touch events. We managed to go when Block B had their high touch event.

The red carpet was full of excitement as many people came to see some of their favorite actors and artists.

Kim Soo Hyun on the red carpet

Eric Nam on the red carpet

AOA on the red carpet

Zion T & Crush on the red carpet

Red Velvet on the red carpet

Block B on the red carpet

Shinhwa on the red carpet

During the concert portion, I didn’t know the artists that were performing that night compared to the previous night. All I can say was that there may have been more people than the night before to see such acts like Shinhwa and Block B. It was pretty exciting as Shinhwa being in the business longer than any present act deserved to close out the weekend.

That pretty much rounds out the three day event known as KCON 2015 in LA. I had a blast covering the event and was stoked that it made it to Downtown LA.

Written by: Timtastic

Day 3 photos

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