APink’s “Pink Memory Tour”presented by KPOPME Preview


The staff at Sturdy Pine will be covering two APink concerts on January 8th-9th in San Francisco and Los Angeles at the Regency Ballroom and Club Nokia respectively. This marks the first time since 2012 that a KPop girl group has toured through North America which is astonishing considering how much the genre has grown over the years. This event should make many fanboys very happy! Here are some of the things we can look forward to.

Long time coming
For the past few years, many fan boys have been craving for a girl group to cheer for on domestic soil. Year after year, when a KPop group decided to tour the United States, it just happened to be a boy band. Finally, hope has arrived in the form of APink.

First time touring
This marks APink’s first time touring the United States and Canada. They have performed at Korean Music Festival before, but this time they get the spotlight all to themselves instead of sharing it with many different acts of Korea.

Fan service
A lot of people or shelling out a lot of money just to even participate in the meet and greets. Privileges include being up close, high touch, and photo opportunities. Everyone definitely will get their money’s worth.

Many people share a common bond of KPop music. Many of these people are also Pink Pandas. It’s always a sight to see a sea of pink with these fans.

Live music
A lot of people have never seen an act at the caliber of APink. Many of these fans have only seen them through the screens of their television sets and their computer screens. Sometimes experiencing things live is the best way to go.

Written by: Timtastic

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