4Minute’s “For Muzik” review


Artist: 4Minute
Album: “For Muzik”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2009


When buying albums, it’s easy to pick an artist who has been constantly dropping hits after hits and has plenty of B sides to listen to. 4Minute is one of those groups that always seems to drop lots of great albums and mini albums which is why I opted to go back in time to make a purchase digitally for this EP. It also helps that I have actually seen some of these songs performed live which has prompted me to want to check out more of their stuff.


For a mini album, it has a few hits. When a nice majority of KPop artists drop mini albums, they’ll only promote one song. 4Minute came loaded with “Hot Issue”, “Muzik”, and “What a Girl Wants”. The entire album does go well together as there isn’t a track that seems out of place. Even the down tempo tracks seem to segue to each other filled with bass.


At the time of their recording, they were just on the come up and weren’t ready for the big time as they are now as this was their debut EP. It only took some maturation over time which has since happened.


I definitely enjoyed this album since there were no fillers. If you’re into groups like 2NE1 then you’ll totally enjoy this group. 4Minute is definitely one of the more consistent groups in all of KPop in terms of putting out quality music. It all started with their debut EP.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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