Infinite’s “Infinite Effect Tour” in Los Angeles


On January 10th, 2016, the boys of Infinite embarked on their second world tour which included the stop in LA Live’s Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Their first tour, “One Great Step” was a success which allowed “Infinite Effect Tour” to happen. Since then, they have expanded their catalog of music with “Season 2”, “Be Back”, and “Reality”. The subunit of Infinite H released “Fly Again” while Infinite F dropped “Koi No Sign” and “Azure”.

Of course, at the beginning of the concert, Infinite performed some of their classic hits like “Destiny” and “Before the Dawn”. They did the songs a lot of people knew and loved, but this is a new tour.

This tour was for them to showcase their more recent songs from their recent albums. Many of the songs from “Be Back” were performed including the B sides. It really did feel like a different concert from their previous stop on American turf.

There were Infinite songs and subunit songs that didn’t make the performance list such as “Man in Love” and “Special Girl”. I waited the entire concert for them to perform some of those favorite tracks even through the encore, but it never came. It would have been nice to get the songs that helped me like them as a group, but I understood that they wanted to promote the newer stuff.

I did feel like they stepped it up from their previous tour as the stage presence and stage production improved tremendously. There were video screens and more confidence in the jokes. This time, they didn’t rely on a script to read off of. This time they did it from the heart although it was still hard to understand what they were trying to say.

Besides not performing specific songs, I felt the concert was significantly shorter than the “One Great Step” concert because of the late start time. This concert clocked in at slightly over two hours while the previous edition clocked in at over three hours.

Overall, I did feel that it was a much better show as I saw them at the Microsoft Theater which is easily one of my favorite venues to watch a concert. I knew it was an exciting concert as the screams of everyone around me blew out my hearing for the next several days.

Written by: Timtastic

One response to “Infinite’s “Infinite Effect Tour” in Los Angeles

  1. I was there for both as well. Our boys have grown and matured and I could see it too. But both were fantastic. Being 3′ from them in the pit was an added bonus this time. Now is the post concert sufferage and hopes for the next tour.

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