Anime Expo 2015


On July 2nd to 5th, 2015, I attended my second ever Anime Expo. The year before was alright, but this was my first thrusting myself in the world of anime and cosplay. The previous year, I pretty much spent my time in the dealer’s hall, entertainment hall, walking around, and getting lost. This year was much more different. I had a goal to attend as many different events as possible. I also learned to stay near the venue.

The main two reasons I opted to attend was the Momoiro Clover Z concert and the airing of the Love Live Endless Parade 2014 concert. I also decided to attend since I was riding the high of finally cosplaying at an anime con at Fanime 2015. I felt the post con depression after it ended which prompted me to want to attend the biggest anime convention in North America.

Staying near the venue made a huge difference as I was able to sleep whenever I wanted and was situated across the street from the venue. Staying at the JW Marriott allowed me to also to attend events that were held at the hotel itself. I loved the venue very much.

I won’t go into details on the two concert events I attended because I had already previously written articles about those experiences. Another fun experience I had was attending some of the gatherings. I cosplayed as Little Mac once again for the Nintendo gathering, and boy was that fun. I went with my friend Andrew who cosplayed a character from Splatoon, and we were even split up. I went with my fellow Punch Out squad while he went with fellow Splatoon folks.

I’ll go deep into my love for the Sailor Moon series. The previous year was the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal. This particular year was the premiere of the dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal. As a fan of just subbed, I found it to be pretty decent and stayed for two episodes. I also attended the panel to meet the voice actresses for the dubbed version and even got to ask a question. The gatherings were fun too. There were two gatherings with one being a fan run one and another one which was an official one.

My other love is the series Love Live. I attended every Sailor Moon event and Love Live. The gathering was extremely fun, but supremely long too. It went on for hours as cosplayers kept appearing out of nowhere. Because of this single moment, I was inspired to want to cosplay this series as well.

I did play some video games this year, but not as much as the previous year. I only entered one tournament which was for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. I ended up in second place under harsh conditions which I won’t go into. I also got some casuals for Ultra Street Fighter IV during early morning hours.

I did enter the Weiss Schwarz tournament too. I ended up in 28th place out of 96 people which wasn’t too bad. I had an updated deck, but had a lot to learn. It also marked the inclusion of Attack on Titan which a lot of people started playing.

The greatest part of this journey was meeting new friends. I have a habit of finding new roommates under random circumstances. Certain people from my party had dropped out at the last minute which caused my immediate party to have to locate new and fresh faces which worked out in the long run. I can now say that I have friends in the anime and cosplay community from all over the United States.

This event really did change my life, and I’ll be looking forward to attending future Anime Expos for years to come. It will be an annual thing to meet old friends and to encounter new ones.

Written by: Timtastic

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