4Minute’s “Act. 7” review


Artist: 4Minute
Album: “Act. 7”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2016

4Minute is definitely one of bigger names in KPop and definitely a top tier group when it comes to the girl group. Over time, they have released many quality projects, and if you’ve ever checked out any of my previous reviews on their music, you’ve seen all the kinds of praise that I have given them. It was only appropriate that I check out their early 2016 effort. Because it was just an EP, it was also pretty affordable to purchase online as well.

It’s pretty interesting to see a well known group like 4Minute always striving to improve and evolve with the times. They even recruited well known EDM DJ, Skrillex to produce their lead single, “Hate”. This album as a whole definitely has an EDM vibe no matter what the song is as it’s what a lot of people worldwide currently listen to. “No Love” is definitely a track not to be slept on because of its R&B vibe.

At four songs only, this was a pretty short EP with a new concept. Not only was it lacking quantity in terms of songs, but it also lacked quality. Despite bringing in Skrillex, it failed to live up to previous albums. The songs are a bit more forgettable and don’t have as much replay as their prior hits and b sides.

I do put 4Minute on a high pedestal because they are one of the groups that have been around for a few years and are still around. I put them that high because they have the ability to headline shows and put out awesome music. In this case, I think they took a step back. As artists, they did grow up and grow with the times. As a fan of hearing what I’m used to hearing, I think they took a step back. I respect them trying new things out though.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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