Persona 4: The Golden Animation (2014 anime) review


Anime: “Persona 4: The Golden Animation”
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Year: 2014

After some time figuring out what anime series I should check out, I went back into my old train of thought on figuring out what I should watch which is pick a series where I may at least be familiar with a character or two. With that being said, I became familiar with the Persona 4 series after playing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax which is a fighting game based off of the series. It was there that I learned about some of the characters in the series like Teddie and Chie. I also got to get familiar with the characters because Persona 4 is a playable deck in the card game, Weiss Schwarz. That’s when I decided to check it out.

Yu Narukami is sent to live with his uncle and cousin after his parents had to move abroad for work. It is there that he befriends Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka. After hearing rumors of a “midnight channel” that occurs during dark and stormy nights which can suck people into another dimension, Yu checks it out with his friends. Upon entering that world, he encounters a cute creature named Kuma (or Teddie) and later gains the ability to summon creatures called personas that help them duel. A few others like Rise Kujikawa, Kanji Tatsumi, and Yukiko Amagi join the squad too.

They also find that this world may hold a clue to recent murders in the city they live in. Marie is also a mysterious girl from the velvet room that has lost her memories due to amnesia. Together along with the new friends she encounters, she tries to regain her memories along with creating new ones. Once she regained it though, it would only get ugly from there.

Let’s look at the positives here. I really do love the opening theme song “Next Chance to Move On”. It automatically gained a slot in my favorite opening themes in anime. I often skip the opening themes, but for this series, I watched it.

The good thing is that I was already familiar with the characters like Rise, Chie, and Teddie. It helped ease me into this series considering I didn’t play the RPG game.

The action itself was pretty cool when the personas are activated and there’s combat.

The story itself has too many plot holes. They don’t go deeper on what the velvet room actually is or how Teddie one minute is a human and later becomes the cute creature. Too many questions don’t get answered.

During the parts where Marie and her newfound friends try to create new memories, the pacing got a bit slow where the series got boring and almost unwatchable.

If it weren’t for video games or card games, I wouldn’t have watched the series. The characters in my opinion are iconic. The story itself is not. Maybe I should have watched the regular Persona 4 anime, but Golden Animation itself is not a stand alone series.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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