AOA’s “Heart Attack” EP review


Artist: AOA
Album: “Heart Attack”
Label: FNC Entertainment
Year: 2015

Back in 2014, I gave these girls a chance when I listened to some of their music. I only knew them as a group that was a band and all of a sudden weren’t one. It wasn’t until KCON 2015 that I rediscovered them and saw that they had made improvements to their music, stage production, and overall image. I previously saw them as a group that didn’t stand out to me individually, but after seeing them perform live, I asked questions here and there about specific members. It helped that one of the members (Jimin) waved at me before their performance.

The titled track started the album off with a banger. It was the song that caught my ear. Yes, I mostly listen to the music before watching their music videos. “Heart Attack” was a song that had a lot of bass.

The song that really caught my ear was the song afterwards. “Luv Me” easily is my favorite song off this EP. I love it so much where it’s now currently in my rotation of songs I often listen to while driving. “One Thing” is also one of the stand out tracks I think people should pay attention to as it definitely is a gem.

“Really Really” was a more downtempo song, and it also didn’t stand out to me. “Chocolate” felt like a try hard R&B song which I don’t think fits them as a group at the moment. “Come to Me” was just an alright song where I’d listen to it if I can’t change the song on time. I won’t ever intend on selecting that song on any playlist, but it’s not bad enough where I have to change it immediately. If it’s on then it’ll stay on.

It really is a decent album from AOA. It was really worth the $4.99 off iTunes, so I really did get my bang for my buck. I got some good music from one of the fastest rising groups in terms of popularity.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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