GFriend’s “Season of Glass” EP review


Artist: GFriend
Album: “Season of Glass
Label: Source Music
Year: 2015

I went through a period of time in my KPop life where I only listened to groups that were already established. It’s hard to start all over and invest the time, effort, and money into trying to like an new group. One day, I opted to stay up to watch Music Bank and watched a performance by this group. I opted to give these girls a chance and decided to check out some of their music which started off with their debut single and EP.

I’d say their music sounds similar to the early days of APink with the cutesy concepts ranging from music videos to the actual song itself. The songs are catchy with “Glass Bead” being the lead single. I actually liked the b-sides more than their promoted single. “Neverland” and “White” were in my opinion much more catchier than “Glass Bead”. “White” had that New Kids on the Block type of feel with the intro.

At three songs, an intro track, and an instrumental track, I guess I could only judge this EP off three songs. The other two songs didn’t count since they didn’t help make the album any better. I actually even opted to not purchase the full album since it wouldn’t make sense to listen to the intro or instrumental when I’m staying busy.

This group has a lot of potential with being the faces of Source Music. Sky’s the limit for these girls as they have subsequently dropped more projects, and it all started with this extended play. I look forward to them having more music available to check out.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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