Sacanime Winter 2016


On January 1st to 3rd, 2016, Sacanime Winter kickstarted the new year with their winter edition of their biannual anime convention. This would mark the first time I stayed near the venue and actually stay at a winter event. In previous editions, I would stay off site away from the convention for the summer ones and would only make day trips for the winter ones. Sacanime once again was at the Sacramento Convention Center and at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento.

This event marks the first time ever at this event that I did zero gaming. Not only did I not enter any tournaments, but I also did not play any casuals. I normally bring my arcade stick just to get the hands warm and get in some games with fellow attendees and locals, but at this edition, I opted not to. I also didn’t play any Weiss Schwarz as I always bring a deck with me to play, but I didn’t play at all.

One of the disappointments for me was the lack of cosplay gatherings. Specific series that have had history at other cons didn’t have an appearance at this one. It was also in the same generic location which didn’t help.

One of the major events that I got to be a part of was to judge the KPop Dance Battles. I had previously judged one at KCON 2015 and Sacanime Summer 2015. This time there were a lot more contestants who wanted to show off their abilities to dance to some of the hottest songs in KPop. It was highly contested, but everyone seemed to support one another which made the event fun. Everyone knew how difficult it is to put together a routine and master the craft of choreography.

What made it more fun was that I was able to judge it with KPop artist Pungdeng-E out of Korea. They were very nice and were well received by the Sacanime attendees. I was unable to attend their concerts due to exhaustion, but those that did attend had a blast.

I once again tried my luck at speed dating hoping to find the love of my life. I’m just kidding. I usually attend it to meet new people and make jokes. It’s one of the few events at Sacanime where I could be around people roughly around my age.

What made this event very special were the groups of people I spent those few days with. We partied together, ate together, and traveled together. They were very thoughtful in getting me some gifts which I’ll always appreciate. I also appreciate the new memories that were created along with adding new additions to our clique.

Written by: Timtastic

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