KCON LA 2016 Preview: Twice

KCON 2014 logo

Cheer Up! Twice is Coming to KCON LA.

With one of the biggest debuts ever, JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group, Twice is without a doubt one of the more recent acts that will lead the KPop industry into a bright new future. So far they’ve achieved unheard of levels of success on the music charts and have amassed a huge following in such a short amount of time.

Fans from the US are in luck because Twice will be performing at KCON LA this year during the Sunday portion of M Countdown, so don’t be “Shy Shy Shy,” just “Cheer Up”, and join the other Onces to support the girls for their first ever appearance in North America. The popular new group is guaranteed to make the audience go “Ooh-Ahh” with their catchy songs, breathtaking visuals, and charismatic personalities.

Written by: Jonathan “JNDrama” Nguyen

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