fripSide’s “White Forces” EP review


Artist: fripSide
Album: “White Forces” EP
Label: Geneon Universal
Year: 2016

To be honest, I really started listening to fripSide because of anime and because I’m a huge fan of Yoshino Nanjo’s work as Eli Ayase in “Love Live”. I only found out about this group because of research on her outside projects and because I play rhythm games at arcades from time to time. After buying music from the other “Love Live” voice actresses, I felt that I should check out other songs she sings on.

Although it is a glorified two track album, it is fill with quality songs. Each song averages about five minutes each. Both songs have a trance and pop influence along with a fast pace. I was amazed that Yoshino Nanjo and Satoshi Yaginuma work well together with each of them staying in their own lane. She handles the singing while he runs the composition. In electronic music, my favorite genre would be trance, and it works well.

As this was my first fripSide purchase, I liked what I was listening to. These songs definitely sound like they should be in anime openings but totally different from the school idol animes I’m accustomed to. I wanted more music to be honest.

I definitely need to backtrack and go get their entire discography along with songs before Yoshino debuting with the group. I want to check out the music when Nao was the lead singer. I do wish iTunes USA would add more of their music as I would like to support them. The music makes me want to check out some of the anime series they did the theme songs for.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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