MAY’S “Drawing” EP review


Artist: May’s
Album: “Drawing” EP
Label: God of Arts
Year: 2005

I had recently become a fan of May’s after hearing a few snippets of their music online. I knew they could be a group I would definitely like based off of hearing the music alone. After hearing this album, I realized that this is what R&B should sound like instead of the heavy hip-hop and EDM inspired stuff we get today. Track one and on did the job for me. What made this album so much cooler is that it was independently released.

This debut album from this singer/producer duo is definitely on point. It brought me back to the good old days of 90’s R&B. Maiko did a wonderful job lacing the vocals and penning the lyrics while Junichi kept the vibe going with the superb production and tremendous composition. They work well together. The fact that another person was not needed for a special guest appearance on a track made it even better. Each person got to showcase what they can do.

This album was built on pretty much no promotion as there were no accompanying music video or anything else. It was built on a good word of mouth

I realistically have nothing bad to say about this album. Think about what if this was a full fledge LP instead of an EP. That’s all I have to say. I also want to hear

I absolutely love this album and group. Till this day, this is one of the few albums I can listen from beginning to the end and still love it. Till this day, it is in my rotation of albums I will consistently listen to while driving or any other activity. It 100% has replay value. I feel that this is as flawless of an album as possible. This album doesn’t even need more songs to get a high score from me because you can run it back and still get the same awesome vibe. This ranks up there with my favorite debut albums to listen to regardless of genre.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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