Bada’s “Flower” EP review


Artist: Bada
Album: “Flower” EP
Label: Theocean Entertainment
Year: 2016

I was scrolling iTunes and looked through recommendations on what I should get based off of previous purchases. I saw that there was a new Bada album which intrigued me because I liked S.E.S. and some of her solo projects. I wondered how her music has evolved overtime in the day and age where the KPop artists seem to get younger and younger. I didn’t even click to hear a preview. I just outright bought the album with blind faith.

The songs were pretty awesome and did appreciate that she geared towards a different sound than her previous albums and her group work with S.E.S. Even though the instrumentals were the star of the album, she still showed the ability to hit the high notes that she has been known for. With EDM being the hot genre in recent memory, she has shown that she is willing to adapt with the times and show something different for longtime and new fans.

As much as of a great singer she is, I feel this electronic sound does not fit her singing ability. Her voice was more suited for the R&B sound from her previous albums. I do feel that this sound would suit her if it were made five years ago as it is something that younger folks would gravitate towards. I feel like she made the album to cater to the younger crowd.

By no means was this a bad album or great album. She did an adequate job at best because the sound does not suit her at all but the songs are super catchy. She would have done an awesome job if she stuck to her guns with her classic sound, but she gets an A for effort because she really had to do something different to stand out against all the younger groups, soloists, and sub-units of these groups.  I do give her props for lasting twenty years as this album marks her twentieth year in the Korean entertainment industry.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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