M-Flo’s “Beat Space Nine” review


Artist: M-Flo
Album: “Beat Space Nine”
Label: AVEX Group
Year: 2005

If there’s one thing you could always bank on, it’s the fact that M-Flo always comes out with quality music and interesting concepts. I love their music, so of course I do need to get their entire discography. In this case, “Beat Space Nine” will be reviewed. I have a few notable things I would like to discuss regarding this effort from DJ Taku and Verbal along with a few friends they brought along for the ride.

When it comes to creativity, few can match M-Flo. This is definitely a concept album which is a rarity nowadays. There are quite a few skits that imply that you’re on an intergalactic journey which are the sounds of the music filled with “in flight entertainment”. There’s a beginning, middle, and end. The other concept is that pretty much every song has a guest appearance from the best singers Japan has to offer like Emyli & Yoshika. The most important guest appearance was from former member Lisa who returned for just one song.

This album was a steer away from the urban and jazzy sounds of previous albums. It also marked the step towards electronic music. “Beat Space Nine” definitely had pop sounds as it catered to many of the guests on it. Each guest provided a different sound and voice which worked well on each song.

As much as I hate skits and interludes, the ones on this album helped enhanced the album, so I won’t say anything bad. The one thing I really was hoping for was more Lisa. Her voice helped convert me into an M-Flo fan, so for her to be on only one song was a bummer, but made me hope that she could one day return full time.

This is an album that is filled with creativity, art, and more for the ears. Sure, one of the founding members of M-Flo is for sure gone, but a bit of her on a song is better than nothing. If you lose a member, what do you do? Add everyone!

Each song is different from the next, so you don’t come away feeling like the last song is the same as the next few ones. Some of the songs I love now are the ones I even overlooked previously which makes the album even greater today than when it came out.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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