Rainbow Blaxx’s “RB Blaxx” EP review


Artist: Rainbow Blaxx
Album: “RB Blaxx” EP
Label: DSP Media
Year: 2014

As a KARA fan, I kind of felt like I was obligated to like their sister group, Rainbow. I felt like I was supposed to support DSP everything. I like Rainbow as a group, some of their individual members, their songs, and more. I love some of their albums especially Rainbow Syndrome with their cute and catchy songs, and then, this EP arrived…

I honestly do not have much positive to say about this EP except I’m glad that some of the members of Rainbow did find something to do and made a project instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Let’s just forget the “Cha Cha” music video for a minute and focus on the music. The music overall is forgettable. “Cha Cha” itself doesn’t feel like a strong single while the B sides don’t do anything to back up the lead single. This album feels rushed just so a project can be pushed out and doesn’t reach any kind of potential. In my opinion, you really have to be hardcore Rainbow fan or a KPop fan that purchases every single existing album every week to have made an investment in this.

As of this writing, I feel like this extended play is just there as filler. If it weren’t for me sifting through my entire iTunes library, I most definitely would have forgotten that I had this album. On my iPods, I am running out of room for new music, which means I have to get rid of music which implies that I definitely should remove music I don’t actively listen to which includes this sub unit effort.

Overall rating: 1.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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