4to6’s “Watashinotokei Wa Gyakukaiten” EP review


Artist: 4to6
Album: “Watashinotokei Wa Gyakukaiten” EP
Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Year: 2014

As a member of the fandom of the “Love Live” anime series and all things relating to it, I have been trying to support the seiyuus’ music outside of their characters. Up until now, I had been listening to some of their solo work. Finally, I had decided to check this project out from Pile who is known to many as Maki Nishikino and Riho Iida who portrays Rin Hoshizora. Together, two thirds of the first years formed a sub-unit called 4to6.

I absolutely love the titled track. I felt that they work extremely well together as if it were still an animated series. No one steals the spotlight from each other. Each of them switch back and forth with a line or two, so you always get the contrasting voices.

I also loved the other song, “Yme Yme Wai Wai Room”. I honestly feel that this song could have also been a single and just added to the wonders of this EP.

Obviously, they get docked because of the lack of songs. It’s exciting when these two come together to make music, but it’s disheartening when there isn’t enough music. I would definitely check out more music if it’s available.

I hope Riho Iida and Pile decide to make more music together. It made me reminisce about the good old times of Love Live and made me hope that more sub-units from the seiyuus can be formed. I loved the two songs from the duo and also made me want to check out some of their solo work as well.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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