Akino’s “Miiro” EP review


Artist: Akino from bless4
Album: “Miiro” EP
Label: Kawamitsu Arttainment
Year: 2015

After checking out Kancolle, I really loved the anime and might put it up there among some of my favorite series. I also loved the opening theme sung by Akino from bless4. I felt that the theme definitely set the tone of the show. I also loved Akino’s powerful voice.

“Miiro” is the perfect tone for the episode or even the entire series as I had stated earlier in the intro. I don’t really get to hear JRock with a strong female voice as often as I should be, but the entire song helped draw me to Kancolle. I also felt “Just Moving On Now” could have easily been the lead single or the theme song.

I was hoping for more, but I got the EP. I got what I paid for, but it makes me excited to check out any potential work of Akino’s or the rest of bless4’s.

I believe it’s a great song, and the memorable titled song helped elevate Kancolle into one of my top tier animes. I hope she comes back to do a song for either season two and/or the movie.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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