Big Bang’s “MADE” review


Artist: Big Bang
Album: MADE
Label: YG Entertainment
Year: 2016


After the mega success of “Alive” which brought the boys of Big Bang to heights and setting the bar higher for everyone else, a lot was anticipated for the faces of YG Entertainment. Everyone since then has had a chance to grow with solo albums, solo tours and concerts, and various other projects. They finally found the time to come together to bring all the VIPs what they really want which was a quality group album.


“Fxxk It”, “Last Dance”, “Girlfriend”, “Let’s Not Fall in Love”, “Loser”, “Bae Bae”, “Bang Bang Bang”, “Sober”, “If You”, “Zutter”, and “We Like 2 Party” were all singles on this album. I counted 11 singles. Most groups and artists could barely have one on an album. Most artists dream of having 11 singles in a single career enough to have a compilation album. Big Bang did it in one album. They managed to aim for consistency and hit you with single after single. The songs were diverse which brings out each of their personality.


In my opinion, the songs required a second listen for me to actually enjoy the songs. Either listening to the album all the way through or catching them performing the songs live really helped me have a more enjoyable experience with the songs.

Although the songs are great, there wasn’t the group of songs that made you go “WOW!” and captivated you like their previous album did. I say that with the utmost respect.


How I saw it was that “Alive” was to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” while “MADE” was to his “Bad” which is a pretty good comparison. “Thriller” had the most known hits with some quality B side songs while “Bad” had singles from top to bottom. “MADE” won’t be as great as “Alive” with the mega singles, but it had quality songs with no skits, intros, or outros. Big Bang opted to go with consistency which is a great thing if we’re talking about people that shell out money to hear a quality album from top to album.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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