Riho Iida’s “Aoi Honou Syndrome” EP review


Artist: Riho Iida
Album: “Aoi Honou Syndrome”
Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Year: 2016


Of course, I support all the voice actresses of Love Live not just from the anime and the music from it along with merchandise, but also all of their endeavors outside of the series. I’ve grown to love them all as individuals and have gone out of my way to attempt to buy as much music from them along with supporting other projects. In this case, I recently purchased “Aoi Honou Syndrome” from Rin Hoshizora’s voice actress, Riho Iida.


This album came with two songs which are the titled track and another song called “Ryusei No Speed De”. The main single is really great and is on par with her previous singles while the other song has that fun idol feel with a hint of rock in it. Both songs go well together.


I just know that these songs may have come out on the extended play, but at some point will be packaged together into a full length album. Some people may just want to wait for the full album to purchase the album.


This is a great collection to all the Rippi fans. I personally will continue to support her other works because I actually enjoy it. Some other artists, I just feel like I have to, but this is a project I am happy to support.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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