Hyuna’s “A’wesome” EP review


Artist: Hyuna
Album: “A’wesome”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2016


This EP marks the first release of a Hyuna project in 2016 since the disbandment of 4Minute. I really is a test to see if she can sink or swim without her former bandmates. It also means that Cube Entertainment is putting their investment, time, and trust into her to carry the label moving forward.


The songs “U & Me”, “Morning Glory”, and “Wolf” were actually pleasant and easy to listen to songs. I actually thought that her singing really improved although the level of difficulty to sing the songs were lowered. These are also the highlights of the EP.

All of her other songs reverted back to her typical usual style of including EDM, trap, hip-hop, and anything that is full of energy since it is what she knows the most.


Obviously, her biggest weakness is the singing part. She doesn’t have Jiyoon, Jihyun, Gayoon, and Sohyun. The good part is she isn’t forced to sing notes she wouldn’t be able to hit. She also has guest appearances from Isle Qim and Hanhe to help fill the void of what used to be 4Minute. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.


It’s not really the best album you can buy since I do feel like Hyuna was never really the best singer in 4Minute nor did she make music that was enjoyable. I believe her visuals helped carry her singles and music. I would say that it’s an affordable album if you would like to stock your collection of KPop music. I’d say that if you do buy it, you may listen to it in the first month or so and later on forget that you have it. The only way you’ll continue to listen to this EP is if you’re a huge Hyuna fan and/or if you’re a hardcore 4Nia

Overall rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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