SHINee’s “Everybody” EP review


Artist: SHINee
Album: “Everybody” EP
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2013


I opted to get this EP a few years ago because I was trying to get more familiar with this group. I wasn’t ready to make the full jump to get a full length LP, so I thought I’d just play the safe route and make a smaller investment to get an EP.

Their music video for “Everybody” along with their live performances on television did help coax me into getting their album. It helped that their music was great to go along with their awesome visuals.


Outside of the lead single, I’d say that this EP was pretty diverse in sounds. By focusing on just the singles means you miss out on the hidden gems, and there are those in this album. “Queen of New York” was a surprise song that I did enjoy.

The great thing is that members of the group had a hand in writing the lyrics which meant they had a say on the direction of the album. The most important thing is that the other songs don’t sound like “Everybody”. It is definitely not the case of where you hear one song and the rest of the songs sound the same.


Even though members of the group did help pen some of the songs, not all of them did. It would have been cool to have Onew and Taemin help write since they do lend their vocals for solo parts of songs too. Minho also didn’t get as many parts to shine as well, but as the rapper of the group, there aren’t as many opportunities except that one part of the song which rarely came.


To be honest, a lot of the hidden gems were overlooked by yours truly. It took years to realize that these other songs were pretty darn good. SHINee has been killing it on the charts year after year releasing classics that top the charts. What people don’t realize is that their discography is deeper than the hits.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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