Dream Ami’s “Hayaku Aitai” EP review


Artist: Dream Ami
Album: “Hayaku Aitai”
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2017


In 2017, I was exploring the world of JPop music and ran across E-Girls which was a group I kind of liked but didn’t love yet. I opted to watch some music videos and was in awe on how beautiful each member was and had a hard time picking a favorite member. After watching the music videos, rewatching the music videos over and over, watching live performances, and watching clips of them on shows, I found my favorite member because she stood out the most to me with her beautiful smile, high pitched voice, and noticeable blond hair which ended up as Ami Nakashima aka Dream Ami.


This EP has a three song lineup which includes the titled track along with “Change My Life” and “Alright”. I really love all three songs. I never listen to just one song. “Hayaku Aitai” is such a pleasant song while “Change My Life” really did change my life, but my favorite song off this EP if I had to choose would be “Alright” because the song can cheer me up at any point. The song really does make me happy.

I as a new diehard fan, cannot wait until all these songs show up on a full length LP. I really want more music. These songs are on my current rotation of songs I listen to daily.


Because of Dream Ami, I have become super obsessed with not just her solo work, but also E-Girls, Dream, along with Flower, Happiness, Dance Earth Party, and ShuuKaren. She is responsible for me pretty much focusing on JPop music as a fan. This became my drug as I want more music and content from her. Dream Ami is now easily my JPop bias and can rival any bias I have in other genres.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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