WJSN’s “From. WJSN” EP review


Artist: WJSN (aka Cosmic Girls)
Album: “From WJSN” EP
Label: Starship Entertainment/Yuehua Entertainment/LOEN Entertainment
Year: 2017


I realistically have a hard time getting into the more recent KPop groups because there are so many that debut each year. It is really hard to keep up. Many groups debut, and I miss it. Sometimes, I don’t know of a group’s existence until a few comebacks in. This is the case with Cosmic Girls. I only knew of them because a friend of mine kept blowing them up by having a bias from the group. I personally am all about the music, so I decided to make the leap and get one of their EPs.


I happen to enjoy the music of APink. This group really does remind me of APink with a cute and energetic concept. Their first few songs on this EP are super catchy with lots of replay value. It’s enough to put smiles on faces.


Since it’s supposed to be a Korean and Chinese group, I would have liked to have seen more Chinese songs. I would have been okay with a complete duplicate of all the songs but in Chinese besides the lead single. Chinese is going to be an important market if they want to dominate, so catering to one of their audiences would help gain fans from an emerging major country in terms of entertainment.


If you enjoy the music of APink along with their concepts but with more members, this group is for you. I feel like having not only Korean members, but also having Chinese members, this group potentially can conquer two major markets in entertainment. I can’t believe it took me this long to check their music out.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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